Rising Storm Water Risk a Grave Concern

28 Apr 2016 1:59 PM | Anonymous

On April 12th GFCA's newly formed Storm Water Task Force (SWTF) sponsored a Town Hall meeting attracting over 60 residents of Great Falls.  The event was attended by Drainesville Supervisor John Foust, Ben Wiles from his staff, Planning Commissioner Ulfelder, presenters John Matusik, Jonathan Will and Matthew Meyers from the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services, and Laura Grapes of the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District.  The meeting was introduced by Bill Canis of the GFCA’s Committee on Environment (EPT), Supervisor Foust and Timothy Quick of the SWTF.

The speakers provided information about storm water management including the State and County codes relating to monitoring and managing soil and water activities, and the current state of the Fairfax County storm water management programs and their planned projects to monitor and remediate our deteriorating water-ways and stream valleys.  In addition, state programs that support local education and storm water management initiatives were presented.  For more detailed information, presentation materials will be made available on the GFCA website (www.gfca.org).

Many residents spoke up about their own experiences with storm water, and asked questions of the speakers. Residents gave examples of property, ponds and local bridges being washed away by storm water, as well as examples of deterioration of local roadways.  From the questions, presentations and discussions, it is evident that the impact of storm water in Great Falls is significant, and is broadening and increasing in frequency and severity as development continues.  The SWTF was created to address this is through community involvement, in the form of education and advocacy.

SWTF will sponsor events to inform, educate and support Great Falls citizens, on erosion and storm water management.  In addition, SWTF will be investigating all the major streams in the Great Falls area; if residents have an erosion issue they would like to highlight, they should contact SWTF.  SWTF will publish its calendar of events on the GFCA site in the next few weeks.  These events will provide a variety of opportunities for the citizens of Great Falls to get involved and receive assistance managing storm water damage on their property and in the community.  If you would like to participate in the SWTF, or have questions, please contact us at StormWater@gfca.org

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