Deer Population Management and Forest Health Resources Released

28 Jan 2015 4:10 PM | Anonymous

The GFCA Town Hall meeting on January 13, 2015 focused on deer management. 

  • Results of GFCA's 2014 survey of Great Falls residents on deer and forest health, lyme disease and deer/vehicle collisions were presented. 
  • Great Falls residents Lt. Col. Matt Allison, Jerry Peters and Catherine Sullivan discussed an innovative local program to encourage more deer hunting on private land in Great Falls.  Called "GreenFire", it promises to help reduce the deer herds that are denuding the forest undergrowth and the next generation of tree saplings. 
  • Excerpts of a science video were presented, demonstrating how trees and other species have returned to Yellowstone National Park through a deer and elk population control program.
The survey results, GreenFire information, and a link to the video are available to the public in a new section of this website.  See Resources>Great Falls Resources>Deer Management in the navbar above, or click here.

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