Townhall Oct 6 - Dark Skies

29 Aug 2015 11:45 AM | Anonymous

GFCA will host a townhall meeting in October with a program to review our community’s long-standing commitment to keeping our skies as dark as possible so that star-watchers, students and residents in general can view the planets, stars and constellations which are often difficult to see elsewhere in the metro area.  The Great Falls Analemma Society hosts regular astronomy observation sessions in Turner Farm Park for the public (see Civic Organizations for info on Analemma).  In most parts of the Washington metro area, the skies are 'washed out' by night lighting that destroys our ability to see the skies.  By contrast, the policy in Great Falls for decades has been to avoid such lighting allowing us to view the glory of the nighttime sky.

Speakers will discuss:

  • History and benefits of the Dark Skies policy, including how light pollution affects the observation of stars and planets
  • New lighting technology that reduces energy consumption, cost, and light pollution - protecting both safety and the nocturnal environment   

  • Analemma Society's plans to pursue children and adult science education on astronomy, including the new observatory being built in Turner Farm Park
For more information on the Town Hall program, see GFCA Town Hall Meeting - Dark Skies

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