Exxon Spill Cleanup - update

29 Aug 2015 2:53 PM | Anonymous

Remediation of MTBE (a gasoline additive) in groundwater from the now-closed gas station at 9901 Georgetown Pike has been underway for over a year.  GFCA’s Special Committee on Groundwater Contamination reviewed the most recent quarterly remediation report submitted by the property owner to the state Dept of Environmental Quality (VADEQ). 

Encouragingly, contamination is being (so-far) successfully reduced in the contamination plume to the south of the site (along Walker Rd towards Wells Fargo bank), although end points have not yet been reached at most locations.  Less encouragingly, there has not been seen a reduction in groundwater contamination in the plume toward the east (across Walker Rd in the BF Saul parking lot), supporting GFCA’s long-standing position that pumping of groundwater in that plume is necessary.  GFCA has commented to VADEQ that concentrations at all remediation wells should be cleaned to the lower end point concentration, about 10 times less than today, and that a recovery well to the east across Walker Rd is needed to pump and reclaim MTBE from that plume.  At least an additional year of groundwater filtration will be required, followed by two years of further monitoring.

For more details, as well as a map of the current estimated contamination plumes, see: Exxon Spill News

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