Dark Skies in Great Falls

07 Oct 2015 1:22 PM | Anonymous

GFCA held an educational townhall on October 6 to bring new attention to the community’s longstanding policy of encouraging dark skies for astronomy purposes, especially at Turner Farm, where the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) is making a major investment in a new roll top astronomy building.  Speaking at the forum were representatives from the Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance, FCPA and the Analemma Society (which operates the Turner Farm observatory).   It was pointed out that Fairfax County’s lighting ordinance has not been reviewed or updated since 2003 and that many of the county staff once trained to evaluate lighting  for proposed building permits may have left.  The speakers laid the ground for further work by GFCA in 2016:   to encourage a county review of the current ordinance and updating where necessary, as well as a examination of current lighting in Great Falls with an eye to reducing growing light pollution.   

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