County Meetings on Brooks Farm follow County Staff Recommendation

01 Feb 2016 4:13 PM | Anonymous

Following the county staff's recent recommendation to approve the development plan and zoning exception requested by the developer of Brooks Farm, two important community meetings were held.

Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust hosted a public meeting at the Great Falls Elementary School, on January 19, to articulate the current facts about the application as well as address questions or concerns from audience members. The meeting was well attended, with nearly 100 residents in addition to members from the applicant's team and other county representatives, and lasted well over 2 hours. All interested residents were given an opportunity to speak and ask questions.

Subsequently, on January 21, the Fairfax County Planning Commission held its public hearing on the matter at the main auditorium at the Fairfax County Government Center. After affirmation of the application and opening remarks from the developer's attorney, public testimony was heard. 14 pre-registered speakers addressed the Planning Commission, with some speaking as individuals and others representing larger groups such as HOAs. Eric Knudsen (Pres.) spoke on behalf of the Great Falls Citizen's Association. The Planning Commission deferred its formal vote and recommendation on the matter until 04 February, 2016.


Brooks Farm, a 50+ acre property located between Walker Road and Springvale Rd. in Great Falls, is currently under consideration for re-zoning and development. Basheer and Edgemoor Brooks, LLC has applied to Fairfax County to re-zone the property from R-A (Rural Agricultural) to R-E (Residential Estate) and develop in into 20 single family homes in a cluster subdivision. 

The staff report and development plan can be reviewed here:  Planning Staff Report

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