GFCA President Communicates Concerns about Brooks Farm Development

04 Feb 2016 8:41 AM | Anonymous

On Feb 3, GFCA's President Eric Knudsen sent a letter to the Fairfax County Planning Commission  expressing continued concerns about the current proposed development on the Brooks Farm property.

"The GFCA and its membership have been raising meaningful concerns for many many months about the proposed plans including the re-zoning, and while the developer has been responsive in some areas we believe the plan and proffers offered by the applicant are insufficient to address the numerous concerns expressed by the community", said Mr. Knudsen, explaining the reason behind the letter.

The letter details GFCA's continued concerns about the Brooks Farm development:

  1. The application and Staff Report do not acknowledge or address the significant existing erosion and storm water damage to the Pond Branch Stream Valley

  2. Although the applicant purports to propose state-of-the-art storm water management techniques, GFCA is concerned about the long-term  maintenance of  these facilities

  3. The  proposed development's proximity to, and negative effect  upon, nearby Walker Lake is not being adequately addressed

  4. Proffers should be specifically allocated for funding the restoration of Pond Branch Stream Valley in Great Falls

  5. The County Staff réport has not given enough attention to the construction  effects on trees in the proposed conservation easement and adjoining  properties

  6. The County is relying almost entirely on HOA enforcement and maintenance of the proposed environmental control systems without HOA plans in place to do so.  The developer should be required to submit the  proposed HOA manual to the County for public comment three to four weeks before the Board of Supervisors considers this application

  7. Homeowners near the development remain concerned that their existing wells may be impacted. Some potential step such as indemnification by the developer for this risk should be put in place.

The full text of Mr. Knudsen's letter can be found here.

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