GFCA Continues to Oppose Brooks Development Proposal

10 May 2016 7:56 AM | Anonymous

On May 9, GFCA President Eric Knudsen sent letters to Supervisor John Foust and the Fairfax County Planning Commission, reaffirming GFCA's continued opposition to the development as currently proposed.  In the letter, Knudsen cited the GFCA's opinion that the applicant has failed in multiple ways to meet the objectives of the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan, which (among other objectives) establishes that the County "should encourage a land use pattern that protects, enhances, and/or maintains stability in established residential neighborhoods", which includes protecting and enhancing "existing neighborhoods by ensuring that infill development is of compatible use, and density/intensity, and that adverse impacts on public facility and transportation systems, the environment, and the surrounding community will not occur" (Objective 8(a), Comprehensive Plan).

Knudsen cited many inadequacies of the proposal from GFCA's perspective, including that it:

  • fails to sufficiently address environmental and storm water management concerns raised by experts engaged by GFCA and the community
  • contains and unacceptable plan for tree preservations and fails to address likely damage to trees on adjacent properties
  • includes requests for several waivers of county requirements, which seem unacceptable in an application for cluster development
  • fails to address the potential negative consequences of an existing easement for access to Springvale Rd, which easement was not voluntarily disclosed
The full text of the letter is available here:

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