County Delays Decision on Brooks Farm

28 May 2016 8:41 AM | Anonymous

The County Planning Commission has deferred a decision on Brooks Farm to allow the applicant to address certain issues with the project.  On May 9, GFCA sent Supervisor Foust and the Planning Commission a letter of opposition to the project, citing several unresolved concerns.  (see related news story earlier in this blog).

On May 19, Supervisor Foust responded to GFCA's letter with the following:

"Thank you for your letter of May 9 regarding the Brooks Farm application. Thank you also for all the efforts you, the GFCA and other community members have made to work with my office, county staff and the applicant on the proposal. All of us have worked long and hard on this application. I think we have made progress along the way, however, I agree that there are still issues that must be addressed.

I have made it clear to the applicant that I believe your letter identifies legitimate concerns. John Ulfelder has deferred the Planning Commission decision to provide the applicant with a relatively short time to address those concerns. I think everyone agrees this process has gone on long enough and everyone, especially the neighbors around Brooks Farm, deserves resolution. I do not expect any more delays and I believe the applicant understands that the most recent deferral is the final opportunity to address the remaining issues that the GFCA has identified.

John W. Foust
Dranesville District Supervisor
Fairfax County"

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