April 18th TownHall: New SunTrust Building Coming to GF Village

09 Apr 2017 3:02 PM | Phil Pifer

On April 18th at 7:30 pm, GFCA will hold a public meeting to discuss SunTrust Bank’s application to build a stand-alone structure in the Village. The meeting will take place in the Great Falls Library.

In November 2016, SunTrust made application to build a new bank building at 778 Walker Road with a drive-thru. That is the current site of our farmers market. In order to have a drive-thru, the county must grant them a special exception. The FC Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors will be holding public hearings and a final vote on this request this summer. No date has been announced as of yet for the hearings or the vote.

SunTrust has proposed a new 32-foot high bank building, which would be at the corner of Walker Road and Columbine Street. The building would have 3,327 square feet of office space. In front of the building would be 14 parking spaces, accessible by the current road inside the Village Centre. The bank estimates that it will generate 200 vehicle trips a day. In addition to the special exception sought for the drive-thru, Fairfax County is being asked to waive three other zoning rules:

  • To permit construction of a commercial facility on the bank’s 38,000 square foot lot, County rules require a minimum commercial lot of 40,000 square feet
  • To eliminate transitional plant screening that would normally be required along Columbine Street 
  • To eliminate a rule that would require the bank to install a loading space.

Several GFCA board members met with the applicant in February. Following the meeting, John Colby, a local architect, was asked to review the proposed structure. After reviewing the proposed plans, he met with the SunTrust representative and their architect. He was successful in convincing them to redesign the proposed building, making it more harmonious with the village area. SunTrust will make a presentation to the community at this April 18th meeting. They will present their new building design and take questions from the community.

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