New Bylaws to be Voted On by GFCA Membership in Nov

25 Sep 2017 6:46 AM | Anonymous

In June we told you about our initiative to revise and refresh our Bylaws, with the objective of making GFCA more effective and focused on our mission of “promoting all aspects of community interest accruing to a common good” as our Bylaws say, or “Keeping Great Falls Great” as we say more commonly.   We are pleased to announce that the Executive Board in September approved revised Bylaws, and we will be asking the membership to vote to adopt them at our TownHall meeting in November.

Here are links to 3 documents:

  1. Our current Bylaws
  2. Our proposed Bylaws
  3. Our proposed Policies and Procedures (PPM)

You can review our proposed Bylaws by downloading them at the link above.  The main changes in the new Bylaws are:

  • Reduce the size of our Executive Board from 21 to 17 directors to streamline decision making and improve meeting efficiency;  eliminate special directors drawn only from HOAs in the community
  • Clarify Officer duties
  • Create an Officers Committee to coordinate and improve the flow of activity throughout the organization, make Board meetings more effective, and be responsive to time sensitive issues until the Board can engage on them
  • Establish “Policies and Procedures” to guide internal practices consistent with the Bylaws, which “operationalize” consistent best practices throughout GFCA in important areas.
  • Allow a procedure by which Board Members and Officers might be removed from office for misconduct
  • Allow a procedure for electronic polling or voting by members on issues or resolutions where member input is desired and an in-person meeting is impractical or not timely
  • Correct a flaw in our current Bylaws so that a resolution by members must be brought to a vote of the entire membership
  • Make a number of changes to the way our committees operate: committee procedures, committee chairs and duties, applying conflict of interest rules that currently only apply to Board members, and committee membership.
  • Clarify some financial and budget practices

You can also review the initial draft of the Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM) by downloading it from the link above.  The PPM lines up with the Bylaws, and provides amplification of the bylaws with policies and procedures designed to codify best practices and serve as guidelines for how the GFCA should function internally.  This initial draft is only a start on what will be a somewhat longer PPM overtime, and in it, in addition to sections already written, are placeholders for additional sections yet to be written.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Bylaws Committee at

Great Falls Citizens Association
PO Box 27  •  Great Falls, VA  •  22066 

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