Basheer & Edgemoore-Rivermont Issues of Non-compliance

11 May 2020 9:59 AM | Peter Falcone (Administrator)

Rivermont, the Basheer & Edgemoore Residential development on Forest Lake Drive, has been the focus of GFCA and community interest in the management and control of issues involving damage to the environment caused by storm water runoff and, more recently because homes are being constructed and occupied, outdoor lighting and compliance with Dark Skies Proffers.

Meetings to monitor compliance with County stormwater management requirements have been held on a monthly basis: initially, in-person, and now via Zoom virtual conferencing. The meetings involve representatives from Fairfax County Land Development staff, Ben Wiles from Dranesville Supervisor Foust’s Office—who proposed these unique monthly meetings, representatives for the developer, GFCA, the Forest Lake Drive Home Owners Association, as well as Walker Lake Drive residents John & Melonie Sullivan representing neighboring homeowners affected by runoff. While stormwater management is a county-wide problem, the mitigation of the problems at Rivermont remains a challenge for the developer.

Through the diligent efforts of all concerned parties, Fairfax County personnel and the Sullivan’s have expressed optimism as a result of the recent efforts that have been undertaken by the developer to prevent further stormwater runoff into the downstream Walker Lake.

The developer made progress in retrofitting outdoor lighting fixtures to bring those non-conforming residential fixtures previously installed in the development with new, non-glare, dark-skies compliant shrouds, and it is working to ensure all new installations are following County standards.

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