Springvale Road Bridge Controversy Continues

07 Dec 2020 2:47 PM | Peter Falcone (Administrator)

  • ·         GFCA recently launched a survey that was distributed within targeted areas of Great Falls through Homeowners Associations concerning the one-lane bridge situation on Springvale Road and to query the community that would be affected by introduction of two-lane bridges. The majority of GFCA survey respondents favor retention of the one-lane Springvale Road Bridge and also expressed concerns over increased traffic volume and safety risks.
  • ·         GFCA now seeks the support of the Board of Supervisors to submit a letter of support to its efforts to obtain a waiver from the VDOT State Bridge Engineer in order to have the replacement bridge designed as one lane.
  • ·         GFCA’s concerns focus partly on the lack of consideration by VDOT of the impact simultaneous major road construction projects would have on the communities like Great Falls that lie within close proximity to the Route 7 Corridor and the Capital Beltway and that communities like Great Falls are uniquely situated to bear the burden of high volumes of traffic seeking alternatives to congested roads undergoing construction. I-495 HOT lanes expansion and associated construction-related road closures will also create traffic chaos in the Northern Virginia region.
  • ·         Also, that Great Falls’ one-lane bridges on Springvale Road and Walker Road serve as an effective means of discouraging commuter traffic seeking to avoid bottlenecks on Route 7 due to construction and lane reductions approaching the area of Tysons.
  • ·         GFCA is aware that the VDOT plans to replace the one-lane bridges are based on recent inspections that describe deficiencies in some parts of the bridge components.  GFCA believes that these deficiencies are not substantial and could be repaired at a significantly lower cost than total bridge replacement.
  • ·         Although VDOT has repaired and replaced two other one-lane bridges in the Great Falls community that exceed the VDOT average daily traffic guidelines of a maximum of 400 vehicles, they’ve stated they do not intend to repair the single lane bridges on Walker Road and Springvale Road only to replace them.

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