GFCA Polls its Membership on Proposed Rezoning

05 May 2020 4:22 PM | Peter Falcone (Administrator)

GFCA is examining a developer’s proposal to change the zoning of a parcel located on the Northeast corner of the intersection of Springvale Road and Leesburg Pike (where Meadows Farms is located). 

The developer is seeking to create commercial zoning for the property.  This is a major issue as it would also require the County to amend the Comprehensive Plan, which directs that there be a limit to commercial encroachment into residential neighborhoods and a clearly defined "edge" between commercial and residential areas.  It also provides that the residential character of development along the Route 7 Corridor be maintained in order to prevent industrial, office, research and development (R&D) and retail commercial development in the corridor between the Dulles Airport Access Road and the Loudoun County line. (This is why there is very little commercial development between Tysons and the Loudoun County line).

As most Great Falls residents know, this intersection is also heavily congested with commuter traffic.  Previously planned improvements to address traffic congestion at the intersection (supported by GFCA) were deleted from the Route 7 Corridor Improvements Project because construction bids came in higher than predicted. 

GFCA is focusing on our mission of engagement on issues affecting the long-term nature of our community:  the issue before us is not the type of store that might be built here, but the land use issues as they affect Great Falls.  GFCA believes that commercial development due to rezoning will produce increased traffic volume in the area.   Access to the property is already being redesigned to a new, single, entrance off Springvale Road, because the widening of Route 7 will eliminate the current entrance to the property from that highway.  Neighbors will be subjected to increases in noise levels from more frequent deliveries in early morning and late evening hours and trash pick-ups, etc., if a new commercial use is approved.  The neighbors who live next to this property are unanimously opposed to the proposal.  

Because of these factors, GFCA seeks your input. Be sure to cast your vote in the GFCA poll that was distributed by email to members on March 26, 2020, if you have not done so already.

GFCA Land Use & Zoning Committee will discuss this proposed development at its April 8th meeting.  This will be a “ZOOM” Video Conference Meeting, due to the in-person meeting restrictions associated with COVID-19.  For information, please submit an email to:

Great Falls Citizens Association
PO Box 27  •  Great Falls, VA  •  22066 

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