Plans Revealed for Grange Renovation

21 Feb 2014 6:49 PM | Anonymous

At February’s GFCA Town Hall Meeting, David Bowden, Director of the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) Planning and Development Division, presented plans to make the Grange building and surrounding grounds more accessible to Great Falls residents and community groups. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires changes to both interior and exterior facilities, FCPA will strive to preserve the Grange’s historic appearance.

Interior renovations to the Grange include a new ADA-compliant vertical platform lift from the basement level to the first floor. The lift shaft and pit will be constructed in the area currently occupied by the janitor’s closet (basement level) and women’s restroom (first floor). The open space/office area now occupied by FCPA staff on the basement level will be used for a new ADA unisex restroom. The proposed changes will require upgrading the existing electrical service both inside and outside the building. Other electrical systems within the construction area will be modified as needed. No changes are planned for the Old Forestville Schoolhouse.

Outside, the existing asphalt ADA parking spaces and building access routes will be reconstructed to meet ADA requirements. The brick paver trail to the Grange and Old Schoolhouse buildings will be modified and the stairs to the basement level of the Grange will be removed and the area graded for ramps on both sides as well as down to the driveway. New concrete pads for the portable toilets and dumpster are planned for the parking area on the west side of the Grange. An accessible route from this parking lot to the playground, picnic pavilion, ball fields, and bleachers, along with concrete or asphalt pads will ensure that all have access to the more remote parts of the property. During the coming weeks, GFCA and FCPA will be reviewing the plans and discussing any adjustments that might be made in order to limit the environmental impact.

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