2015 Year-end Report

27 Dec 2015 4:22 PM | Pam Grosvenor

The following is a summary of LRP activities in 2015 and its work plan for 2016.

1. Grange and Old Schoolhouse Complex

  • LRP monitored completion of County authorized interior/exterior improvements, and completed a plan for additional improvements still urgently needed, e.g. a good audio-visual system; Wi-Fi; and better live performance/theater capabilities including lighting, changing areas, storage, etc. A priority objective is to permit extensive use of the Grange’s lower floor by youth and senior groups, as is common at other community centers in other areas of the County. Follow-up will continue in 2016.
  • LRP has commenced studying ways to alleviate parking shortages at the Grange/Old Schoolhouse property during often heavily attended public meetings even when the neighboring Library parking is used. Ideas include a better path between the Grange and Great Falls Library and a safer and improved Georgetown Pike crossing between the shopping center and the Library/Bucks Lane/Grange entrances.  
  • LRP is actively studying long-range alternatives for the existing Grange-Library complex and/or a possible new community center in central Great Falls on land owned by the County; recommendations might be presented in mid-2016.
  • LRP secured the Executive Board’s approval of a resolution that advocated making the Grange available on weekday evenings, without a fee, for meetings by non-profit organizations. The committee will be following-up on this issue with the Fairfax County Park Authority and Supervisor Foust in early 2016.  

2. Septic and Groundwater Usage in Great Falls    

  • County and local technical specialists anticipate some central Great Falls business communities near Walker Road and Georgetown Pike, plus a few adjacent residences, will reach capacity and/or commence experiencing septic problems requiring major improvements between 2020 and 2030. LRP is holding meetings and may make recommendations to the Executive Board/County during Spring 2016.
  • Most Great Falls residences and businesses maintain individual or limited/small community groundwater and wastewater systems requiring maintenance to prevent failures, contaminations, etc. During the past ten years, some technical updates for such systems have been developed and implemented. LRP will continue to monitor these activities.

3. Great Falls Area Matters Pertaining to County Master Plan and Budget  

  • LRP prepared a list of items and estimated costs for local projects that it then requested that the County Board of Supervisors/county staff include in their future budgets and the County Master Plan.
  • LRP continues to assist LUZ with financial aspects and potential bond usage for new projects in the Great Falls area such as road, trail, and park improvements that have strong community support.
  • LRP supported the GFCA Special Trails Committee resolution that reversed a long-standing GFCA policy of supporting only stone dust trails throughout Great Falls and, instead, embraced a “whatever surface is best” philosophy.
  • In 2016, LRP will continue to encourage suggestions from the community and Executive Board on new long-range ideas for Great Falls; some of these ideas may require LRP follow-up.   

4. Resident Curatorship

  • LRP, together with EPT, remain active in encouraging prompt completion of instructions for the relatively new, but still non-utilized, State/County Resident Curatorship program. Participation at occasional County meetings will be required.
  • Turner Farm continues to be promoted as the initial project; in addition, Dranesville Tavern is being suggested as another potential early candidate. Such promotions will continue.

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