By-Laws Revisions Proposed

20 May 2015 8:07 AM | Anonymous

At the June 9th GFCA TownHall meeting, 3 by-laws revisions approved by the Executive Board in February will be presented to the membership for approval.  These are largely technical and procedural corrections to certain membership procedures reflecting best practice and technology improvements.  The proposed revisions:

  • Allow the Executive Board to set membership classes and fees as needed, not just annually by March 15 of each year, as well as some other technical corrections to reflect the capability of our new website to manage membership terms in 12 month increments, rather than expiring memberships on June 30th each year.  With the new website, future memberships and renewals will be good for a full 12 months (or longer) no matter when a new member joins during the fiscal year.
  • Eliminate a specific requirement for the GFCA Secretary to communicate meeting notices to members since that is currently being done by the Communications Committee.  The requirement for meeting notices to be sent to members is retained.
  • Allow the Executive Board to make some decisions by email or other means for decisions where there is no need for discussion or where discussion has already been had.  Current by-laws require all decisions to be voted on in person at a physical Board meeting, which is cumbersome and can cause delay in many actions which need a more timely response.
The specific wording of the by-laws revisions can be viewed here.

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