GFCA Advocates County Funding for Local Transportation Projects

18 Oct 2017 1:52 PM | Anonymous

GFCA is advocating County funding for 3 important local projects in the current round of Transportation spending being decided on this fall.  At $100M county-wide, this round is small compared to prior years and there will be fierce competition among communities for their local projects.  GFCA is asking for citizens' help in providing comments in support of these projects.

GFCA has long believed that Great Falls does not receive a fair and equitable proportion of County funding for improvement projects relative to either our tax base or our population, compared to other communities.  GFCA is asking for strong support from our citizens in order to reverse this situation.

The specific projects we are advocating for funding in this round are:

  1. Intersection improvements at Georgetown Pike (GTP) and Walker Rd.  Full funding ($400K) will allow safe pedestrian crossing in the center of Great Falls Village, and improve safety and the flow of vehicle traffic at this important intersection. [Project ID 466].
  2. Trail along Utterback Store Road from Forestville Elementary to GTP.  Full funding ($700K) will allow children to walk on a safe path from surrounding neighborhoods to the school, rather than being bussed.  Fairfax County Public Schools had determined that walking and biking to schools improves children's health, mental well-being, and educational performance as well as reducing the expense and negatives of bussing. [Project ID 213].
  3. Concept design work ($100K) on GTP trail from Utterback Store Road to Walker Road.  Concept design work would determine the ideal route and most likely cost estimates for this very important trail segment, including north side or south side routing along GTP.  This segment is the most important project toward our vision of an integrated trail system throughout Great Falls that will allow people on foot or bicycle to transit from their neighbohoods to other points in our community, and would complete a trail running from Seneca Road to Great Falls village.  We do not believe that current county cost estimates for these projects are accurate.  Concept design funding would allow an optimal high level design concept to be determined and accurate construction cost estimates to be set. [Project IDs 616 and 618].

See GFCA's resolution here.

At total funding of $1.2M, the 3 projects above represent only 1.2% of the current funding round, whereas Great Fall's population is about 1.8% of county population and contributes xx% of residential tax revenues.

GFCA is the largest civic organization in Great Falls - with over 1,000 dues-paying members - and works to 'further and promote the common good and general welfare of the people and community of Great Falls.'

Provide your input to the County here


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