Route 7 Widening Plans Changing – Taxpayers Lose

26 Jan 2019 4:26 PM | Pam Grosvenor

VDOT’s 2016 plan for a partial interchange on Route 7, with an underpass for the eastbound lanes at Baron Cameron Avenue, is being abandoned due to a lack of funding. Unfortunately, the estimated cost and approved budget for the project were lower than the bids received and VDOT has determined that this intersection would be the one sacrificed. VDOT is now working with its contractor on an at-grade intersection with three left turn lanes from westbound Route 7 onto Baron Cameron Avenue. However, it is felt that this solution will not sufficiently address traffic flow at this intersection over the long-term. 

The Baron Cameron intersection is currently one of the most congested along Route 7.  During rush hours, drivers waiting to turn left off of Route 7 onto Baron Cameron lead to back-ups in the westbound through lanes. Back-ups also occur in the eastbound lanes as drivers wait for those turning left onto Baron Cameron as well as those traveling north and south across Route 7. The originally planned underpass would allow eastbound Route 7 traffic to continue without stopping for a light, thereby reducing wait times. It would also improve traffic flow between Great Falls and Reston.

Given the state’s process for funding transportation projects, GFCA understands that it will be at least 2028 before Fairfax County can submit an application to fund the originally planned partial interchange on Route 7 at Baron Cameron. If you feel that taxpayers shouldn’t have to wait another 10 or more years, then contact your elected representatives for Virginia – Senator Barbara Favola ( ) and Delegate Kathleen Murphy ( – to voice your concerns and support for funding VDOT’s 2016 design plan NOW.

(A rendering of the originally planned interchange can be found on the project website:


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