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The public can access many sections of our website, but only GFCA members can view all content and resources.  If you are a member, please log in using the button on the upper right.  If you are not a member, please consider joining GFCA.  You can join online at the "Join Us" link above and get immediate website access.

First Login

When logging in for the first time, use the login credentials (email and password) that you provided when you signed up for membership.  Once you log in, you can view your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right - this is where you can update information in the future should something (like your email address) change.

If you are a prior member of GFCA using this website for the first time, we established your account for you.  You should have received an email with instructions.   Click the log in button above, and, using the email GFCA has on file for you, select the password recovery feature to reset your password to something only you know.  Then log in using your email and new password.  Please review and update your profile information by clicking on your name in the upper right after you log in.

Family Memberships
Family memberships are for 2 adults in the same household; each adult should be registered as a member.  One adult – usually the one who signed up for the family membership – is the "bundle administrator" meaning he/she sets the other adult under the membership.  If you purchase a family membership, you may add the other member in your profile, and he or she will then be provided login credentials.   
If your membership was set up by GFCA and we had the name and email address for the other adult member in your household, that person should have a login already and should have received a login invitation.  A bundle administrator can always check his/her profile to verify the other bundle member is properly registered.  If the other adult is not listed in the bundle administrator's profile, the administrator can set him or her up, providing full access to the site.

RSS Feeds

All GFCA Newsblogs have a subscription feature called "RSS". By clicking on the symbol next to a blog title, you can receive notifications of new posts on that blog directly to your browser or RSS reader even when you are not visiting our website. For more information on receiving RSS feeds, click here.

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