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01 Apr 2015 5:09 PM | Anonymous

The Nominating Committee Chair plus four other committee members are appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Board; no more than two may be members of the Executive Board.  Nominees shall be communicated to the GFCA membership at least 14 days prior to the May GFCA Town Meeting.   

The GFCA Executive Board has four elected officers, a non-elected Immediate Past President, 12 non-HOA and 4 HOA elected Board members plus 4 HOA elected Alternates who may vote only if their Primary HOA member is absent.  All elected officials serve two-year staggered terms, except the President and Vice-President whose terms are for one year. GFCA nominations, which can exceed the number of slots available, are presented at the GFCA May Town Meeting at which time floor nominations of anyone a member of GFCA also can be made. The actual election is held at the Grange GFCA Town Meeting on the second Tuesday of June. The GFCA Board can fill interim vacancies occurring before a term completion.

Per a By-Law revision, effective July 2013, the Executive Board was increased from 17 to 21 via the addition of four new directors specifically from HOAs in Great Falls. 

  The Committee attempts to formulate a slate that provides geographic representation from throughout the Great Falls community.  Candidates must be GFCA members in good standing. Any new or existing officer and Board member whose membership expires prior to June 30th must renew before elections in June. Incumbent reviews include committee work and accomplishments, attendance, plus decorum and effectiveness at Board and Committee meetings.

The Committee divides functions, each recommends some specific nominations and works together as a team. Via the GFCA Newsletter and Website, and at meetings, between February and April, GFCA members are encouraged to submit nominee recommendations to any Committee member, and, those received are reviewed and some considered.  The Committee recommends Nominees at the annual May GFCA Town Meeting and is responsible for all aspects of the election held at the June Town Meeting.    

Candidate nominations can be submitted to the committee by email to:  

Great Falls Citizens Association
PO Box 27  •  Great Falls, VA  •  22066 

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