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GFCA Membership Directory

Due to privacy, access to this directory is restricted to GFCA Board members and is only to be used for official GFCA business, not for personal or commercial use.  Member information (including membership totals) should never be shared with anyone outside GFCA.

Membership numbers in the directory will not tally with membership totals reported because not all family memberships have 2 members listed.  Only Active Members are shown below - those whose memberships are either current, or within the 28-day grace period (overdue).  Comp memberships (elected officials, media, etc.) are not shown below.  Finally, any email listed with 'noemail' or similar in the field designates a member for whom we have no valid email.

Great Falls Citizens Association
PO Box 27 • Great Falls, VA • 22066 • USA

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