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Latest from VDOT on Route 7 Road Closures

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GFCA's President’s Message July 2022

Many residents have gotten caught up in surprise delays along Georgetown Pike over the last month.  Many forces have converged on this backbone of our community, with one delay after another.

GFCA jumped into action when the first of these road closures happened the week of May 16.  We noticed that in laying a new gas line, the Washington Gas contractors were digging up part of the historic Pike roadbed.  Upon further investigation by GFCA and Supervisor Foust’s office, we learned that Washington Gas was not adhering to its permit.  As discussed in the article below, the gas line was put on hold, and we have asked to be notified when it is approved. 

Almost no sooner had normalcy returned to the Pike than motorists were beset with new delays caused by repaving work on portions of the Pike. 

Delays are still expected throughout July and August.

In regard to future land use permits, including those for utilities, GFCA has requested that notice of more than 72 hours be given before construction work begins so we can comment, ensure no damage will be done to the historic Pike roadbed, and notify all GFCA members in advance.  GFCA has also asked about VDOT’s process for reporting and addressing land use violations should they occur, as well as what is entailed in granting permits for all work in the right-of-way.

With respect to routine patching and spot paving, GFCA has asked that the anticipated dates for work in Great Falls be provided (see the 2022 Statewide Paving Status Map).

Bill Canis