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GFCA Conducts Town Hall Webinar on
Proposed Dark Sky Preserve

On Monday, Sept. 19 at 7:00 p.m., GFCA conducted its second Webinar on a proposed amendment to the County's Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.  The event described several proposed concepts under consideration by County planners and offered residents in the vicinity of the Turner Farm Park an opportunity to review and comment. 

Guest Speakers included: Hon. John Foust Dranesville District Supervisor,Tammy Schwab, Manager Education and Outreach, Fairfax County Park Authority,Dr. Jeffrey Kretsch, Analemna Society,Carmen Bishop, Deputy Zoning Administrator, Fairfax County Zoning Administration Division,Dr. Peter Plavchan, Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy and Director of Observatories, George Mason University,Katy Defoe, Master Police Officer, Crime Prevention Specialist, Fairfax County Police, and Bill Canis, President of the Great Falls Citizen Association.

Watch the YouTube video here:

View the Webinar's Program Presentations Here: 
Light Pollution GMU Presentation 9.19.2022.pdf

FCPA and Analemma Society Dark Sky Brief 9.19.2022.pdf

FCPD Lighting Presentation 9.19.2022.pdf
Outdoor Lighting - Turner Observatory - Town Hall - Fairfax County Zoning 9.19.2022.pdf

Read the Zoning Administration Documentation: 
Preliminary Concept Paper

County Zoning Ordinance Amendments Page

School is Back:  Advice from Fairfax County

With more than a million residents, our roads are normally busy, but school buses add an extra layer of vehicles. While it may be tempting if you’re in a hurry, it is never OK to pass a school bus, speed through a school zone or ignore a crossing guard’s direction

Driving Rules Near School Buses

Fairfax County Public Schools runs more than 1,600 buses daily.

And if you drive, there’s no doubt you will encounter FCPS and private school buses. The rules are pretty simple if you encounter a school bus with flashing red lights.

Drivers must stop in both directions, unless separated from the bus by a median. Please remember, it is considered reckless driving - a criminal offense - if you pass a stopped school bus unloading children. It is not worth getting to your destination a few seconds faster when you are risking the safety and lives of others.

driving rules near school buses graphic
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School Zones

Pay attention to school zones, especially where they start and end. Those slower school zone speed limits are there for a reason. Follow the speed limit when the lights are flashing. It’s important to add more time into your commuting schedule so you’re not in a rush and perhaps decide to pass a school bus or speed through a school zone.

Crossing Guards

Heeding the whistles and waves of our dedicated crossing guards is yet another way you can ensure the safety of students. Pay attention in crossing guard zone areas as you drive.

County Approves Extension of the Agricultural & Forestal District for Leigh Mill Parcel

At its August 2 meeting, the Board of Supervisors approved a renewal for the 43+ acre site at 1013B Leigh Mill Road, Great Falls known as the Rhinehart Local Agricultural and Forestal District.  The motion was submitted by Dranesville Supervisor Foust and seconded by Supervisor Lusk.  The motion carried unanimously. 

The Agricultural and Forestal (A&F) District program is designed to preserve and protect open spaces, forested areas, and agricultural lands in Fairfax County. There are several A&F Districts in the Great Falls community.Properties included in an A&F District qualify for reduced land use taxes.

Other criteria that may apply to designation of A&F Districts are:

  • Farm and/or forest products have been regularly produced and sold during past five years.
  • Provides scenic vistas, improves views from roadways, or contributes to rural character of
  • area.
  • Contains significant historic or archaeological site that would be preserved, or a site with high
  • potential for sites that provides access to the County to survey.
  • Farming or forestry practices unique or particularly effective water pollution control measures.
  • Zoned R-A, R-P, or R-C.
  • Land is entirely in permanent open space easement.

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Town Hall re: Proposed Dark Sky Preserve at Turner Farm Park Observatory
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What is the GFCA?

The Great Falls Citizens Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)4 organization that advocates solutions and government actions that benefit Great Falls. 

Our goal is to preserve the semi-rural character of our community while addressing practical concerns like traffic, zoning, retail, schools, parks and the environment where problems arise and solutions must be found. 

Since Great Falls is not an incorporated municipality like the Town of Vienna, or City of Falls Church, we lack a town/city government to represent our local interests.  The GFCA acts in an unofficial capacity to represent the voices of the citizens of Great Falls on these matters, and works with county, state, and national government to get things done.  On Great Falls issues, no other organization has GFCA’s influence with elected leaders at the County and State level, or is as respected by them.

Our charter calls for GFCA to "serve as a community organization to promote all aspects of community interest accruing to a common good and, in general, to preserve the historic, low density, semi-rural character of Great Falls and its natural resources."

Upcoming events

From the GFCA Archives The following was published in the October 1989 GFCA Newsletter:                                 

VOTE:  Fire Stations

Fairfax County has proposed two new fire stations which will service our community.  They will acquire 12 acres at the corner of Beulah Road and Rt. 7 and 14 acres at the corner of    Reston Ave. and Rt. 7.

The Executive Committee of GFCA has voted to support the location of these fire stations but have expressed concern about what the County plans to do with the additional acreage over and above the 5 acres needed for the station on each site.

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