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Latest from VDOT on Route 7 Road Closures

Lane Closures for May 23-27, 2022 - Crews will be performing excavation and fill operations, clearing and other construction-related activities on May 23-27 along eastbound and westbound Route 7 and on other neighborhood streets. As a reminder, drivers will experience lane shifts on Route 7, traffic pattern changes on neighborhood streets, and detours along the corridor. For more info go to:

GFCA is a 100% volunteer 501(c)4 organization without paid staff. Your dues support activities on behalf of Great Falls

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4th of July Blood Drive at Great Falls Volunteer Fire Station!

The Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department is again partnering with Inova Blood Donation Services for a blood drive on July 4th. The Drive will take place between 8 AM and 2 PM at Station 12 located at 9916 Georgetown Pike.  All donors will receive a thank you gift!

Appointments are required, but walk-ins will be accepted if there is an open donation slot. To sign up, visit (select sponsor Great Falls Volunteer Fire Department) or call 1-866-BLOODSAVES (1-866-256-6372).  Parking at the station is limited, so we recommend parking elsewhere and walking to the registration table in front of the Station.

We thank the Great Falls community for their continued support and wish everyone a spectacular 4th of July celebration!


GFCA President Bill Canis announced the results of the 2022 Board election that was conducted on Saturday, June 11 during which time the membership of the Great Falls Citizens Association (GFCA), via a Covid motivated “drive-in-person” voting procedure held outside the Great Falls Library, re-elected nine Board members for upcoming terms.

Turnout for the election was 50% higher than usual in electing:  Bill Canis, President; Chris Rich, Vice President; Elizabeth Huebner, Secretary; and Michael Barclay, Winnie Frost, Dawn MacPhee, Ed Phillips, Phil Pifer and Rick Solano as Directors.

In addition to voting, several members took advantage of the opportunity to chat with the socially distanced Board members who were on-hand about a range of community issues.

Georgetown Pike Traffic Delays

Update:  (5.23.2022, 6:00 pm) 

GFCA obtained documents from VDOT today and determined that the gas line contractor was working from an unapproved plan.  When this was brought to the attention of VDOT officials, they issued a stop work order.  Work on this project will be suspended.  However, crews will return Wednesday 5.25.2022 to apply asphalt patching to the disturbed areas.

The Way Things WereRemembering Great Falls

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EP Committee Presentation on Fairfax County's recycling Program

Town Hall re: Proposed Dark Sky Preserve at Turner Farm Park Observatory
EP Committee Presentation featuring Tips on Lawn Care from Master Gardener Tony Makara
Town Hall re: Towlston Rd./Rte. 7 Intersection -

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Town Hall re: Springvale Rd. Bridge Replacement -

Deer Management Presentation -

Native Plants Presentation -

What is the GFCA?

The Great Falls Citizens Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)4 organization that advocates solutions and government actions that benefit Great Falls. 

Our goal is to preserve the semi-rural character of our community while addressing practical concerns like traffic, zoning, retail, schools, parks and the environment where problems arise and solutions must be found. 

Since Great Falls is not an incorporated municipality like the Town of Vienna, or City of Falls Church, we lack a town/city government to represent our local interests.  The GFCA acts in an unofficial capacity to represent the voices of the citizens of Great Falls on these matters, and works with county, state, and national government to get things done.  On Great Falls issues, no other organization has GFCA’s influence with elected leaders at the County and State level, or is as respected by them.

Our charter calls for GFCA to "serve as a community organization to promote all aspects of community interest accruing to a common good and, in general, to preserve the historic, low density, semi-rural character of Great Falls and its natural resources."

Upcoming events

From the GFCA Archives The following was published in the October 1989 GFCA Newsletter:                                 

VOTE:  Fire Stations

Fairfax County has proposed two new fire stations which will service our community.  They will acquire 12 acres at the corner of Beulah Road and Rt. 7 and 14 acres at the corner of    Reston Ave. and Rt. 7.

The Executive Committee of GFCA has voted to support the location of these fire stations but have expressed concern about what the County plans to do with the additional acreage over and above the 5 acres needed for the station on each site.

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