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Latest from VDOT on Route 7 Improvements & Traffic Updates

Route 7 Traffic Changes On or about Jan. 25, drivers will experience temporary traffic changes between Serenity Woods Lane/Faulkner Drive and Beulah Road/Forestville Drive. Trotting Horse Lane - Trotting Horse Lane remains closed at Route 7 until late 2021. Follow the detour on Forestville Drive and Fairpine Lane.

GFCA is a 100% volunteer 501(c)4 organization without paid staff. Your dues support activities on behalf of Great Falls

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  • Planning Commission votes to reject Staff Proposal to amend Flag and Flagpole restrictions in Zoning Ordinance and modifies approach to other controversial zMOD provisions, March 3, 2021
  • GFCA Applies novel procedures to conduct this year's election of Officers and Board, Saturday March 6 at Great Falls Library
  • Large audience attends the February 25 Springvale Road Bridge Town Hall Webinar, Attendees included State Sen. Favola and Dranesville Supervisor Foust attend - for video, click:
  • Neighbors Object to Proposed Monopole at Beulah Rd. Fire Station, GFCA Webinar scheduled for March 15 at 7:00 pm (See Events Calendar to register)

Sat., March 6, 2021 10am to 1pm
Date and New Procedures

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, GFCA will be holding a special “drive-in-person” election of the Executive Board and Officers on Saturday, March 6, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, in the Great Falls Library parking lot.  Complete your ballot today, as shown below, and stop by the library on March 6 to drop it off.

Last year GFCA cancelled our usual June in-person election due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In order for us to move forward as the pandemic continues, we have developed a new “drive-in-person” voting procedure that replicates our usual in-person voting procedure, satisfies our Bylaws requirement for in-person voting and protects the health of members.  The new procedure is as follows:

  • Print out your ballot:  The link to the ballot has been emailed to GFCA Members on 2.18.2021. Ballots will also be available at the voting site.
  • Fill out your ballot:  Vote for the candidates of your choice on your printed ballot.
  • Secure your ballot:  Place your ballot in an envelope and seal it. Legibly print and sign your name on the outside of the envelope.
  • Drop off your ballot:  On Saturday, March 6, 2021 between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm (unless there is a major snowstorm) drive over to the Great Falls Library and drop off your ballot. GFCA will oversee a drop box during this time to receive your ballot.

                                        There are nine candidates for nine positions on this year’s ballot as follows:

                                                                            1.     President                      Bill Canis

                                                                            2.     Vice President               Peter Falcone  

                                                                            3.     Treasurer                       James Trent

                                                                            4.     Director                        Suzanne Black

                                                                            5.     Director                        Ruth Carver

                                                                            6.     Director                        Jennifer Falcone

                                                                            7.     Director                        Gordon Harris

                                                                            8.     Director                        Scott Knight

                                                                            9.     Director                        Ed Phillips

In addition to voting for the Executive Board and Officers, members will also be asked to vote on two special questions on the March 6, 2021 ballot:

  • Question 1:  Should the requirement for in-person voting for the Executive Board and Officers be removed (from Article 5.1.5 of the By-Laws) by striking the words: “The annual Executive Board and Officers election is excluded from electronic voting”.       Yes or No.
  • Question 2:  Should the GFCA annual budget be maintained at its 2019/20 level of $25,400 until such time as in-person town hall membership meetings resume; or as otherwise agreed by a membership vote.       Yes or No.

GFCA will process the ballots by first ensuring that the voter named on the outside of the envelope is an active member.  The verified ballot will then be removed and separated from the envelope so that the member’s vote remains confidential.  The ballots will be tabulated and results reported on the GFCA website and in the April newsletter.

GFCA Urges Caution - Always Be Alert To Deer Crossing the Roadways !Why is there a Deer Management Program in Fairfax County? | Wildlife

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What is the GFCA?

The Great Falls Citizens Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)4 organization that advocates solutions and government actions that benefit Great Falls. 

Our goal is to preserve the semi-rural character of our community while addressing practical concerns like traffic, zoning, retail, schools, parks and the environment where problems arise and solutions must be found. 

Since Great Falls is not an incorporated municipality like the Town of Vienna, or City of Falls Church, we lack a town/city government to represent our local interests.  The GFCA acts in an unofficial capacity to represent the voices of the citizens of Great Falls on these matters, and works with county, state, and national government to get things done.  On Great Falls issues, no other organization has GFCA’s influence with elected leaders at the County and State level, or is as respected by them.

Our charter calls for GFCA to "serve as a community organization to promote all aspects of community interest accruing to a common good and, in general, to preserve the historic, low density, semi-rural character of Great Falls and its natural resources."

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From the GFCA Archives The following was published in the October 1993 GFCA Newsletter:

-Route 7 Speed Limits.  After recent tragic accident fatalities on Route 7, there has been agitation both for and against reduction of the posted speed limit from 55 to 45 mph in residential segments.  A related localized issue is the anomaly at the intersection of Route 7 and Utterback Store Road where the eastbound limit is 45 but the westbound limit is 55 (why?).  VDOT, after citizen agitation following a fatal accident, reduced the limit to 45 on the Dulles Toll Road/Lewinsville Rd. segment.  Some of the questions which lie are:  would reduction to 45 mph elsewhere adverse traffic volume to be moved; to what degree is 10 more miles of speed limit the cause of accidents, can lower limits be effective absent strong enforcement, is strong enforcement feasible, and what parts of the Gt, Falls segment of Route 7, if any, should have lower posted limits.

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