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Latest from VDOT on Route 7 Improvements & Traffic Updates

Crews will be performing storm pipe installation, excavation and fill operations, clearing and other construction-related activities on Oct. 5-9 along eastbound and westbound Route 7, on Reston Parkway, and on other neighborhood streets. Please see details below. As a reminder, drivers will experience lane shifts on Route 7, traffic pattern changes on neighborhood streets, and detours along the corridor. Please see the related traffic alerts. Temporary road closures are listed below. Utility relocation work and other construction activities are ongoing in the Colvin Run and Difficult Run area, including new work activities.

GFCA is a 100% volunteer 501(c)4 organization without paid staff. Your dues support activities on behalf of Great Falls

Great Falls Veterans Memorial - Photo by Bill Canis  

Great Falls Freedom Memorial (Photo Bill Canis)

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GFCA Town Hall on Racial Experiences

GFCA conducted a virtual Town Hall on Wednesday, September 30th at 7:00 pm to hear from five of our neighbors of color who discussed racial experiences they have encountered over the years. In addition to the panelists’ presentations, questions were taken from the audience.

Participants included:  Rev. Livingstone Dore (Pastor, Great Falls United Methodist Church), Kimberly Greer (Principal, Langley High School), and residents Sujatha Hampton, Ph.D.,  Salima Singletary, and Matt Truong. GFCA president Bill Canis served as moderator.

This Town Hall was in the format of a Zoom webinar.  If you were unable to attend this event, you may visit the  GFCA YouTube Channel by clicking this link:

You can also access the GFCA YouTube Channel and view other videos by clicking the red icon button on the top right of this page above the latest from VDOT on Route 7 Improvements.

GFCA’s periodically conducts forums to inform residents about important issues affecting our community. The last such event was held in February 2020 to discuss how the Opioid crisis is affecting Northern Virginia and, specifically, Great Falls.

Development of Marmota Farm: Update
GFCA has been following up on questions first raised when news broke this summer that a potential buyer had been identified for the 22 acre tract at 9800 Georgetown Pike adjacent to the Grange Park.  Reports circulated that Toll Brothers had been investigating the property and were conducting their “due diligence” process in anticipation of finalizing a deal. 

GFCA has taken the concerns raised by residents, including neighbors who adjoin the proposed site of the residential development, and elevated them to Dranesville Supervisor John Foust.  Since that initial contact by GFCA, regarding concerns over stormwater management and damage that may be caused to the Historic Georgetown Pike in constructing a new entrance to the development, there have been actions taken by Fairfax County Land Development Services to review the approved site plan and to instruct Toll Brothers that they would be required to modify certain sections of a stormwater detention pond and facilities on the southeastern portion of the site.  However, unless substantial changes are made to the site plan by Toll Brothers, no further upgrades will be mandated by the County due to “grandfathering” of stormwater standards, as provided by Virginia law.

Supervisor Foust’s Office and GFCA continue to work with Great Falls historian Karen Washburn to collect details on the historic nature of the Pike that could be affected by construction of an entrance to the subdivision on the north side of Georgetown Pike.  Although unconfirmed, there have been reports that Toll Brothers has extended its period of due diligence and contingency to approximately November 2020.

Springvale Road Bridge Update
The GFCA Transportation Committee recently met with VDOT officials to discuss a number of local transportation issues, including the possible replacement of the one lane Springvale Road bridge.  At an earlier meeting this summer with VDOT, GFCA asked for a copy of VDOT study that evaluated the bridge’s structure and integrity.  VDOT had not supplied that to GFCA in the intervening months, so the Transportation Committee renewed its request at its September meeting with VDOT.  GFCA remains concerned that a two-lane bridge could cause increased commuter use of Springvale Road, with even more traffic using Georgetown Pike.  GFCA has expressed to VDOT the need for credible traffic projections as part of any bridge project. 

In a related vein, VDOT recently held a public hearing about the replacement of the Hunter Mill Road bridge over Difficult Run.  The new Hunter Mill road bridge is being proposed as a two-way traffic bridge with a median strip designed to narrow the lanes to calm the flow of traffic.  VDOT has stated that traffic flow volumes on both Hunter Mill and Springvale roads require that a two-way bridge be built and that a one-lane bridge may only be built with special authorization from VDOT leadership in Richmond.

Residents interested in working with GFCA on the Springvale bridge assessment should contact Scott Knight at

  Link to the VDOT Page to see Project Plans and designs:


VDOT Route 7 Construction Image Gallery

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GFCA Native Plants Presentation on YouTube Video link:

10323 Beach Mill Road, Great Falls
 Old Deanwood Post Office c. 1700

 Sisson's - Colvin Run, Great Falls
Fall Harvest 2020

From the GFCA Archives As Published in the October 1994 GFCA Newsletter:

North Seneca Road/Loudoun County Cut-Through Traffic

The Great Falls Citizens Association, working with residents along Seneca Road, is continuing to fight for compliance with the 1988 Memorandum of Understanding between Fairfax and Loudoun Counties by blocking intercounty traffic north of Route 7.  Negotiations between the counties and between the developer and our community are ongoing.

GFCA is a 100% volunteer 501(c)4 organization without paid staff. Your dues support activities on behalf of Great Falls

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