Septic and Waste Water Management in Great Falls

One of GFCA's missions is to improve and sustain the beauty and health of our local ecology.  Septic fields, rather than sewer systems, are an important component of that strategy.

[Quick background and rationale for why septic (and not sewer) is essential to the preservation of our semi-rural character.]

This page is a public resource to residents who are interested in learning more about septic field management, and waste water issues in our community.

Residential Waste Water Management

[This section will provide information on septic systems for homeowners]

Great Falls Village Commercial Waste Water Management

GFCA is working with local business groups on an issue that, left unresolved, could cause severe commercial disruption to Great Falls Village businesses -  the likelihood of the eventual failure of the current commercial waste water treatment system used by our commercial district:

Also, please visit the Long Range Planning committee (LRP) blog under "News" in the navbar above, for updates on our activities on this issue facing our businesses, or contact the committee directly at

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