Great Falls Resources

Information of interest to Great Falls residents is available by hovering over the resources button above and choosing "Great Falls Resources" in the drop down box.  For example, directories of government and local organizations can be found here.  

Current resources in this section of the website are:

This resource area will continue to grow.  Among the resources currently under development:

  • Why Septic?  What you need to know about maintaining your septic system
  • Why Well Water?  What you need to know about maintaining your well, including well water testing
  • Certifying your backyard as a Wildlife Habitat
  • Using eco-friendly Lawn Maintenance.  Also - how you should think about back yard spraying for mosquitos and the impact on friendly insects
    (like bees, butterflies, fireflies)
  • Lyme Disease
  • Local Trails
Let us know what you think should be included!

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